Wednesday, 24 November 2010


After last night's sunset, this morning we had another beautiful dawn. Philip's room has the only east-facing window on the first floor with a view that isn't obscured by roofs. But from my south-facing window, I could still see Venus aloft, and Bredon below encircled in mist, and many of the buildings climbing Malvern were on fire with the reflected sun. The frost was very hard, and the standing water in the cut was frozen. No snow yet, though.

Philip and I ventured up through the hatch onto the community building roof at 11am. The frost was still frosty underfoot, but the solar water panels were scalding to the touch. We had fantastic views, at the level of the Oratory (the wagtails had a good old chunter at us), down to the courtyard, Spetchley Park to the north, and the unfolding fields, hedge-rows, copses and wind-breaks around the compass. It would be a great vantage point for sunrises and sunsets, and an excellent spot for sunbathing, if a little chilly at the moment.

Then I speculatively went buzzard watching, but the only sign I saw was a second nest high in the solitary oak.

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