Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Boiler-room farce

Here is my latest rendition of the biomass boiler set-up, so hopefully the foregoing postings and the following para may make some sense. Click on the image to enlarge.

The boilerman came, and thinks the fuel delivered is the wrong specification - G50 instead of the required G30, for those in the know. BUT he also found a problem with the installation. The store auger and the stoker auger have different gearings, and the gears were fitted the wrong way round. So the store auger was gushing chip into the stoker auger, which was only dribbling into the boiler, and it was all piling up around the burn-back flap. He has now changed them over; we may get infrequent blockages until we've burnt the oversized fuel, but otherwise it should work. Alleluia! And in the meantime, alleluia for excellent insulation!

At this point, I'd like to defend renewable technology and say it's not just the biomass boiler; we've had a series of tragi-comedies in various areas. For example:
  • The lift started off working but broke down after a couple of days. We waited a week for the repairman to get the parts, he came today, and he'd brought the wrong stuff.
  • The bell also arrived today, but the installers hadn't brought any kit to drill fixings in the bell tower.
  • The self-binding gravel hasn't been laid properly, so has turned into a mushy sandy beach.
  • Two paper towel dispensers arrived for the kitchen and toilet in the kitchen area, but were fitted in nearby disabled toilets, because you don't need to ask, do you?

But overall, it's still fantastic, and the guys have worked really hard to diagnose and fix things!

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