Sunday, 7 November 2010

Room with a view

My room faces south towards the village of Stoulton. If I stand to the right of the window I can see Bredon, and if I stand to the left I can see the Malverns. In the early morning, it was atmospherically misty, and at about 7.30am the sun came round and the mist glowed.

In the afternoon, we said goodbye to two of our four marvellous helpers. A big thank you to Madeleine and Liz, and also to Fraser and Bill for everything you've done over the last few days. And then I went to pick sloes in the sunshine, before...

Meanwhile, Stuart was holding a 'snagging surgery', and we all took it in turns to come with a great long list of the problems we have found with the buildings and grounds, big and small. One issue is the Oratory fire system and incense. We managed to isolate it from the main fire panel during the morning Eucharist, but it makes a horrendous humming, buzzing and beeping, distinctly audible through two sets of doors. And it was still registering the smoke at 6pm, when Ian re-enabled it on the main fire panel and set off the fire alarm throughout the building. Still, at least we know it works!

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