Monday, 22 November 2010


The telephone handsets have arrived, and I spent the afternoon running around checking various POTs* were functioning, making a list of extensions, figuring out how to work my handsets, and doling out handsets to all and sundry. All of which, compounded by a 'TV dinner', meant this blog didn't get written.

We were watching a DVD called "No Greater Love", a portrayal of the Carmelite community at Notting Hill. One section was about their attitude to new technology, about being careful it doesn't take over... I can't help but agree! The two stand-out scenes for me were completely different: a tender moment as one sister fed one of her older sisters; and a terrifying moment as one sister wielded a chainsaw with abandon, seemingly very close to another stood pruning the hedge. In some ways the film is similar to "Into Great Silence", about La Grande Chartreuse, but less artistically directed. A good difference was the chance to hear the sisters speak about their life, in particular two of them about the 'dark night of the soul'.

At the beginning of Compline, the moon, just past full, was framed in the high east window of the Oratory.

* I'm picking up engineer speak: Pretty Ordinary Telephones.

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  1. The first thing I did with my handset was find out how to 1. silence the ring 2. forward calls to voicemail 3. switch it off. The first thing Philip did was play through the ringtones. Takes all sorts!