Saturday, 20 November 2010

Onions, cheese and cake

I spent much of today glued to my laptop, still assembling all the information about the systems that we've gleaned from the various demos and from living with them. Wychavon District Council had a 'special interest' in Mucknell during the planning process, so they are visiting next Friday. I volunteered to give them a tour of the sustainable technology, and had better know my onions. All the operation and maintenance manuals now seem to have arrived - seven thick files for construction, three for mechanical and three for electrical - so a bit of light reading should provide the requisite information.

It being Saturday, there are hardly any workmen around - just one in the building and a bit of digger action in the northern distance. The list of snaggings is still pages long, and I am starting to expect to be living with workmen for ever. I suppose (WARNING! Cheesy bit coming up!) it's a metaphor for the journey of life: we can work on ourselves, put lots of effort into trying to be perfect, but there will always be more things that aren't quite right.

There is nothing much else to report. The days are flashing past, tomorrow is the feast of Christ the King, and it will soon be Advent and Christmas... speaking of which, tomorrow is also 'Stir-up Sunday', and Gabriel has made the Christmas cake... yum yum!!

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