Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Gee, ain't it swale!

Today was demo of the building management system day, when we didn't quite manage to get our heads around the mass of pipes and valves and control panels. We also pottered down to Poo Corner to have a look in the biodigester. There is a mass of black plastic balls bobbing around on the surface, making a lovely environment for bacteria to grow and break down... well, perhaps too much information. But the water that comes out is good enough for animals to drink, and it pumped out into a series of swales. And here finally is a photo of the monastery, from the bank of the lowest swale.

There are quite a few workmen still on site, and many of them are fascinated by the biomass boiler. We often see one or two poking their heads round the door of the wood chip store, watching the metal arms sweeping the chip into the auger, or popping into the boiler shed.

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