Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sabbath rest

I have no idea where the day went, but it was lovely to wake up to working heating, a warm room and hot shower, and a light dusting of snow! That is to say, I had no idea where the day went when I started writing, but it is coming back to me now...
  • Saturday morning lie-in til 7.10am
  • Slow start, shower, breakfast, wander round taking photos of the snow, sit in a guest room watching the northern bird scene
  • 8.45am Lauds, moved from its usual slot at 7am to replace Terce
  • Laundry til 11am or so, including cleaning, which should have been yesterday's job but didn't have time to set foot down there
  • Quick cup of tea
  • Quick job to make label for front door bell, except the laminator jams so have to take it apart, so not a quick job after all
  • [No 12noon Eucharist on Saturdays]
  • Write yesterday's blog, while still maintaining the pretence that I am writing it on the day itself; can't think of a title, so don't post it yet
  • 1pm Lunch
  • Should have been having a siesta, but back down to laundry til 2.15pm None
  • Weekly meter reading round; still a discrepancy between mains water input and boosted cold water consumption, so email architects
  • Finish off in laundry ready for next week's incumbent, but now have a sneaking feeling I forgot to take the clean tea towels back to the kitchen
  • Phone parents
  • Tea and conference at 4.30pm
  • 5.30pm First Vespers of Advent Sunday
  • 6pm Now on cook's assistant for week
  • Manage to snatch 15 minutes of prayer before 7pm Supper
  • Phone friend, post blog despite unsatisfactory title
  • 8.30pm Compline
  • Read for a bit
  • Lie awake in bed pondering how I could have done the day differently, and resolve to do the bare minimum of work tomorrow, read more and go for a walk
I tried to get a photo of the front door in the snow before there were any footsteps around, but was too late. Here it is anyway.

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