Thursday, 4 November 2010

Really moving!

The rest of us have moved, and there is nothing left at Broad Marston. That's not quite it, as there will be three loads of stuff that went into storage from Burford arriving on Friday, Monday and Wednesday. But we could all at last sit down together for our evening meal,cooked for us by the wonderful Janet.

The first tranche of movers have had teething problems overnight with water hammer and bleeping emergency lighting, and everyone is tired. The heating also needs to settle down. My self-imposed task in the afternoon was to go round the entire building setting all the room thermostats to something that was fairly reasonable, instead of the default 30 °C. We also thought the back-up LPG boiler was running too much... probably because the biomass boiler goes to sleep when the external temperature is over a threshold, and the external temperature sensor was sitting safely inside the boiler control panel and reading 29 °C! It's now been fixed to the north wall of the shed, so fingers and toes crossed.

It was blowing a gale later in the day. The Oratory windows, which haven't had their control mechanism installed yet, were flapping in a worrying manner. One of the main heavy doors blew off the building a few weeks ago. And they say there isn't enough wind resource for a turbine...

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