Sunday, 14 November 2010

Bleeding eejit

In order to demonstrate the difference between knowledge and common sense, I have managed to squash my thumb in the boiler auger while trying to clear a wood chip blockage. Cue a trip to the Worcester Royal A&E, where I found I have a small fracture. A&E were superb, whisking me into triage and the x-ray department, then not long to wait before being bandaged up by a really excellent nurse. It is only my second ever broken bone, the first being a little toe. Of course, it is my right thumb, so only two months after my operation for a ganglion on my right wrist, my right arm is back in a sling, and I am having to have my food cut up for me! Tomorrow I go back for an assessment of the fracture. The nurse said it shouldn't need anything doing, and I am inclined to think that she knows at least as much as the consultant!

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