Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Thumbs up!

Back to the fracture clinic, where I had to wait over an hour (would have got a refund if it were a train) for a 30 second consultation. The thumb is doing very well, and the bandages are now off so it can be seen in all its gory glory (you are spared the photo). As we arrived, there was a BOC lorry at the trades entrance. Emblazoned on its side was "It's all about the image". Quite right! Substance is totally over-rated!
Sigh. I shouldn't read lorry slogans; they only make me cross.

I've taken some photos of the solar panels and, coincidentally, the community building and the barn. I've already blogged that we have 18.5 kWth of solar water heating capacity, which is on the barn and at the tip of the community building roof. The rest of the panels on the community building are photovoltaics, with a capacity of about 12 kWp and estimated annual generation of 9.4 MWh.

The sunset over the Malverns was amazing. I caught it when the sun was just touching the rim, but then had to rush away and only returned to see the red fading from the field of cloud. The builders commissioned a photographer, who was on site today, and had amazing light for it. He kindly said he'd send us a CD of his photos, so we'll be able to use them on the website.


  1. What a lovely surprise to find your blog and get a picure of the community's progress in their new home! Keep blogging.

    Kate Moore

  2. How about the slogan on the tanker that empties Sheldon's septic tanks "This lorry is full of political promises".

  3. Kate: Thanks!
    Sarah: Oh very good :-) The exception that proves the rule.