Monday, 1 November 2010


The first day we can starting moves things into the new monastery. A bit of a damp squib, not because it was raining, but because we only had access to the refectory. So Thomas and Anthony were going to sleep in the new building tonight, but we all came back to Broad Marston. Nevertheless, we still had our short service of 'blessing in' with John Bishop of Worcester. Steve, who replaced Tony as site manager for the last push to completion, managed to get the builders not to angle-grind or plane or hoover during proceedings.

The biomass boiler stopped working at 12.30pm. We found out later it was tripped by testing of the fire alarms, i.e. it was working. But our demo - we're learning to call these sessions demos instead of training, as our expectations have lowered - hadn't quite covered the useful information of which button to press to get it back on again. A quick email to the installers, and we now know. I'm slightly worried that the information we've been given is just theoretical, and might not be particularly helpful when things go wrong.

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