Sunday, 28 November 2010

Not drowning but waving

Another bitterly cold start; the Met Office website says that it went down to -10.5 °C overnight in Pershore, and barely made it over -4 °C all day. Ice crystals formed on the glass wall of the east link, around the nuclei of imperfections in the glass and along a cobweb blown onto the surface. I found the macro feature on my camera and managed to take a decent close-up showing some of the detail.

Ian, Philip and I took advantage of the frozen ground to get closer to the front of the community building. We then walked south and round a neighbouring field, and stumbled upon the railway cutting. As we got there, we heard a train coming, and re-enacted the Railway Children. But it was going too fast to see if anyone saw us or waved back. The buzzard had also been waiting for the train, maybe for 'rail kill' or jettisoned sandwiches. It must have been watching watching watching us as we approached, completely oblivious, until it suddenly launched itself at about 3 metres. We walked back to the Abbey via the swales, which were frozen over, enough not to crack when we threw stones hard at the surface, but not quite enough to hold our weight. Of course, we were Very Sensible, and didn't venture far. The stones made an eery noise, submarine sonar sound effects translated to outer space.

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