Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rain check

15 October was Blog Action Day. I found out after the fact, as I'm new to this blogging malarkey. But anyway, the subject was water, so I'm dedicating today's blog to Blog Action Day and writing about the rainwater harvesting system. Here's a schematic of the system.

Rainwater is used in all the loos and in six outside taps, supplemented by butts in the kitchen garden. When the rainwater tank level goes below about 60cm, the high level float triggers a top-up drip feed of mains water. When the level goes below 20cm, the low level float triggers an alarm, to tell us to stop flushing! But the tank is apparently the size of a house, so hopefully there won't be any shortages even in drought conditions.

Half of us have now moved, and the rest of us are due to move on Thursday. I popped into my room-to-be after the demo, to find a man in my wardrobe, varnishing at the last minute!


  1. Clare some additional information.

    The Tanks is 50,000 litres.
    5,000 for WC flushing and External Taps.
    45,000 in case of a fire.