Thursday, 18 November 2010

The bells!

I was barely out today, a grey and rainy and windy day. Much of the morning I spent in the company of the fire alarm technician, who was on site to sort out the fault in the system and tweak our set-up. The problem turned out to be a faulty detector in my room, but there wouldn't have been much danger of me burning in my bed in this construction and this weather.

We now have a proper front door to the barn and a bell in our bell tower. I went up to the icon studio to video the raising of the bell, sneezing the while from dust or maybe chemicals, so it might not look like a completely smooth ascent! The vital statistics: it weighs 9 cwt, is tuned to F, and we are naming it Wulfstan. It came from All Saints Wokingham, which I visited a couple of times while living in Bracknell. Now it will sound over the Vale of Evesham, probably for miles around. Here's a photo of it waiting at the base of the tower. The scaffolding is still in the way of a decent photo of it in situ.

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