Monday, 25 October 2010

Training Pt I

Our first session of training at Mucknell, which didn't go quite according to the agenda we were given (which for a start had lunch at 12.15 and the afternoon session starting at 12.00). But anyway, today was the turn of the fire, audio and general electrical systems. Audio training meant spending time in the oratory and refectory, so we got good look at them. And general electrical meant wandering over the whole building, testing the emergency lighting as we went. There are lots of distribution boards, manifold underfloor heating manifolds, miles of pipework, rooms of interesting-looking plant (heating and water training later). Hopefully there will also be plenty of (accurate) labels by the time we move in on 1 November. Only a week to go! And there seemed like a lot of work still to do...

We ate lunch in greenhouse, the warmest part of the site, and watched pied wagtails jumping around the roofs and perching in the 'bat portal'. A clattering of jackdaws looped-de-loop as a bonding exercise, and four skylarks tumbled past, possibly en route south for the winter.

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