Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Bella utilitorum

Today, it's Bella's turn for a cat story. As I walked past the back door this afternoon, I noticed her sitting on the window ledge outside Mary Bernard's bathroom. I stood still and we looked at each other for a minute. Her eyes are almost round, which makes her look continually surprised. Eventually she looked away, as if to ask "when will this eejit get the message?", then got up and stretched out to prop her front paws against the glass of the door. As she is normally very frightened of large humans, I eventually did get the message that she wanted something, and opened the door to let her in.

Tomorrow we get our first insights into the renewable technology at Mucknell - the solar water heating. The biomass boiler demo has been put off to Friday, owing to 'technical problems with the installation' which would make good material for a Flanders and Swann update. At Broad Marston, the boiler controls are playing up again and tripping the electrics, so no central heating tonight.

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