Friday, 29 October 2010

Not the biomass boiler

Not surprisingly, the boiler is a lot more complex than the solar water system, and I haven't got around to writing up my notes yet. Some basic facts: its capacity is 80kW; it takes wood chip, of which there is a large store next door; it works; it won't work if we have a power cut; and it has lots of safety mechanisms.

The trees along the well-trod route between Broad Marston and Mucknell are getting more glorious by the day. There is a particularly fine stretch west of Evesham, and an amazing row of cherries (I think) by Simon de Montfort bridge. These have leaves of lime green lower green, rising through lemon yellow to orange red. It's unlikely Moses would have seen one in the desert, but at present they'd make good candidates for the burning bush.

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