Sunday, 24 October 2010

Not walking country

After our last service at Marston Sicca church, I walked home across the fields. The countryside is very flat, apart from the up and down and up and down over a ridge and furrow field of grass and thistles. It's not really walking country, I guess, at least compared to say the Cotswolds and Malverns. The paths are not very well looked after; the stiles are a bit 'token', foot bridges are decaying and many direction arrows are missing. The hedgerows don't look as though they harbour much in the way of biodiversity, being mostly hawthorn, barbed wire and old gates. But the walking is still good, with views of the Cotswold scarp and Meon Hill. We are looking forward to discovering the paths and circuits around Mucknell.

A grey cloud passed over in time for Vespers. Once the shower had stopped, I noticed one of the trees beyond the DIY shed shining brightest yellow in the sun against a dark sky. As Vespers progressed the colour dimmed to copper orange, and by the end it had faded to a dark weathered copper against a light grey sky.

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