Saturday, 9 October 2010


Bella and Bertie are the two cats who deign to be associated with the community.
Both are mostly black, Bertie with tiny smidgeons of white, Bella with a white bib and zebra-style paws. Bertie is confident and independent and stays out at night, but Bella is much shyer and stays in and around Mary Bernard's room. She starts at a crackle of the fire, and rockets out of the room if someone gets up. This morning, one of them left a shrew on the wooden floor in the living room. I didn't see it on the way into breakfast, but thankfully managed not to step on it.

Today the community had our first meeting with David, who has very kindly offered to help us in our conversations between now and next Easter. We have a long list of things to discuss re how we will live in Mucknell... from cats to cars. The poor man must be feeling overwhelmed!

In the afternoon, Anthony was cutting willow rods to mark the beds in the new kitchen garden; Stuart was potting up geraniums; and Mary and Alex were climbing trees to pick apples.

Tomorrow, briefly, it will be 10:10:10 10/10/10.

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