Thursday, 21 October 2010


It started off as another cold fine day, but clouded over and got a lot milder later, as the wind swung around fromnortherly to the south west. I realise I am writing less about observing nature as the days get colder and shorter, and I just want to go into hibernation instead of going outside much!

An owl has been howling since last evening and off-and-on throughout the day. Well, that woodpecker would peck her.

We now have all the dates for training in living in the new building and using the new technology:
  • Next Monday is electric systems, including sound, fire alarms and solar photovoltaics
  • Thursday is solar thermal and biomass boiler; and the kitchen
  • Tuesday after that is rainwater harvesting, biodigester, ventilation and domestics; and IT
  • Wednesday is building management control systems. No idea what those are, but I expect we'll find out :-)


  1. What kind of owl is it that howls?

  2. This one was probably a Little Owl -