Tuesday, 19 October 2010


In the morning, I popped over to Pershore to register as a new patient at the Pershore Medical Practice. The surgery is newly built, with an open airy atrium and lots of doors and corridors leading in all directions. There is a Ficus growing in the centre, the base encased in an octagonal box, the trunks plaited, and the tops of the branches reaches to the windows in the ceiling. It enhances the ambience of the atrium, more than its setting enhances its living conditions. I wonder how long it will last. Pershore High Street has a slightly run-down feeling, and I wondered why I felt that. It has quite a few nice-looking independent shops, and there are nice views down lanes down to the Abbey. But a deserted and decaying petrol garage and attached car sales room are fairly prominent, and it doesn't help that it is main road with associated traffic and grime.

Later, standing in the kitchen at Broad Marston with a cup of tea and left-over apple sponge, there was a sudden squall that whistled straight through the windows, followed by a spectacular cloudburst. Poor Ian was cycling back from the Mickleton Post Office and got drenched.

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