Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bells and things

Yesterday the bell tower was installed at Mucknell, and today we saw the video. It is the same height as the oratory, but looked like a matchstick as it dangled from an enormous crane. Collective breath was held as it was manoeuvred over the community house and down to its fixings. Immense precision on the part of the crane operator, who couldn't see what was happening, and his director on the walkie-talkie.

Also yesterday, an impressive array of ride-on and push lawnmowers rolled up to Broad Marston, and some grass was mowed. One of the ride-on lawnmowers has been left outside the front of the house. Did they forget to take it away? Can we adopt it?

There was a deluge overnight, and the courtyard was awash with puddle first thing. Everyone in the area is wary of floods, since the major event in Evesham Vale in 2007. Within the first few months the community was at Broad Marston, flood water lapped at the small garden in front of the house. Everything was subsequently raised on wooden blocks, but today we knocked them out from under the freezer.

Birnam forest came to Dunsinane, as Anthony and Alex moved the collection of trees from Burford from the front garden to join the rest of the plants on the patio, ready for transporting to Mucknell. They are small and most have lost their leaves, and they all look vulnerable on the concrete.

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