Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Battle stations!

In a spare ten minutes, I did a circuit of the field. The wind in the row of trees (some sort of aspen?) just beyond was whipping their upper branches back and forth, exposing the lighter underside of their leaves. Then what looked like a green-veined white butterfly alighted in the grass at my feet - white wings with dark tips, dark veins leading to two dark spots on each.

A man and a woman from the Czech Republic have been coming on and off to work on the high hedges and copse. They have cut one of the hedges into high battlements with impressive crenellations, protecting the house from the neighbours and from much sight of the sun.

Mary Bernard was pottering around her plant pots just before tea, and had a bit of a tumble. But she did all the right things that she'd learnt in her falls clinic, and we got her back up and reunited with Boudicca, her zimmer-chariot hybrid.

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