Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Yesterday, Anthony and Ian saw various large diggers and other plant being loaded on to lorries and taken away from Mucknell. Today we found out that it was because the company undertaking the groundworks on the site has gone into administration. Our prayers are with the men who have suddenly found themselves without a job, and their families. The site manager very quickly found another company to finish the works. I expect they are glad of the contract; there must be too many companies chasing too little work at present.

The afternoon was bright and still, with blue skies. The willow leaves crunched under foot in the field, and several dragonflies were darting around near the edging ditch. The leaves on the horse chestnut have gone golden-brown, and the lime and poplar at the front are also turning and shedding leaves. The ashes are still largely green, and although the keys have dried out and seem about to fall, they will probably hang on through the winter.

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