Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Another fine day, and a fine morning sky. The lower level of clouds were picked out in pale gold by the low sun, and blown by the wind across the grey of the higher clouds and eggshell blue sky.

And another trip down to Mucknell. This time, while Stuart was at a site meeting to determine when we'll be able to move in, Anthony and I started marking out the raised beds in the kitchen garden. We were aiming for a mini ridge and furrow effect, but we dug the first trench too deep and had to fill it in again. Various work creation schemes sprang to mind! Billy the dog from next door came to say hello, a kestrel hovered aloofly for a time, and there were a couple of skylarks above the next field. Then we discussed water butts and rabbit-proofing the gates with the architects. That is, we discussed with the architects; I'm not sure they'd be particularly suitable as material for rabbit-proofing. As we walked back down the drive to the car, we disturbed a flock of meadow pipits.

The chapel at Broad Marston is really the kitchen annexe, so office is often chanted to the drone of the dishwasher. When not looking out of the window, I'm often staring at the floor tiles, which are a geometric design of squares and rectangles, and making patterns. Here's a tile and one abstract crucifix...

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