Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Request for requests

Yesterday the mains water supply went. Today the rainwater harvesting went, so no water in the loos. We haven't had much rain, so the tank had emptied, and the floats that were meant to trigger a mains top-up had tangled. Destructive testing R Us, and back came the guys.

I'm now away in Devon for a few days, so there will be a bit of an intermission. Thank you to everyone who reads my ramblings (more than 2,000 page views in the last month!), and for all your comments. If there's anything you'd particularly like to know about, subject to me knowing anything about it and to any necessary privacy, please leave a request in the comments.

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  1. Thank you, Clare, for your most detailed musings. I have followed in my mind and prayers the transition of the Burford Community through their time in Broad Marston to their re-incarnation at Mucknell Abbey and your "jottings, which I discovered almost by accident yesterday, have really put the flesh on the process of settling into your new home.

    Some of the technical glitches sound most frustrating and your descriptions resound with a dogged determination that "All Shall Be Well" as indeed, of course it will and is.

    In answer to your request, I think it would help me to be "alongside you albeit it at a distance" to hear something of how the pattern of daily living and prayer is embedding itself in the new surroundings. This may sound like a plea to peep at the pages of a personal journal which, of course, I would not presume to do. But if on your return from Devon you are able to give a flavour of the community's life as you draw towards your first Christmas in the house that would be a joy to share.

    Our own house is here on the upper slopes of the Malvern Hills and just maybe we can glance each other over the Severn Plain as we respectively share the reflections of dawn and dusk.