Monday, 20 December 2010


The skies were grey and white and heavy with snow during the morning, and an inch or so fell during the afternoon. Not a day for going out much, and spent instead unpacking boxes of books. Finally the library is beginning to look like a library, and the poetry and fiction are finding their way to the community room.

We've found that the pipes from the rainwater harvesting tank hadn't been lagged and so have frozen - see posting on 8 December to work out the implications of this.

We also had another wee practice of the 'simple' music we're planning to sing at the crib service. By George, I think the basses have got it! I have Noteworthy Composer on my laptop, and can play accompaniments and/or 'supporting' lines through the TV speakers in the community room and the audio system in the oratory. I don't think they'll need support for our little a cappella number, but I could let on about the library of accompaniments available on the Net Hymnal website...

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