Saturday, 4 December 2010

Lifting fog

There was fog to start, and the potential for icy roads, and I was worried that the wood chip lorry wouldn't get here. But he arrived at 9-ish, and the fog suddenly lifted as I brought him a cup of tea (milk and 2 sugars). So we now have fuel - hooray! We  chatted for a while about the fuel supply. He operates out of a depot near Worcester about 8 miles away. They source the wood from a radius of 10 miles or so, and do their own chipping, so it is a local operation. The chip is delivered by weight. He has a widget in the cab that he sets at 6.5 tonnes and it counts down as the lorry gradually tips and the chip is blown into the store. They're under pressure to deliver in this weather, as consumption doubles in the cold, and we'll need another delivery in 10-14 days.

So the electric oil-filled radiators can be put away again, although we'll probably keep the wood-fired stove going in the refectory. The LPG boiler has so far been as much use for back-up heating as a wet blanket but hopefully someone will come and repair it next week.

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