Friday, 3 December 2010


I took Ian to the station today, and hopefully he will make it to Coventry and Kent. Gabriel managed to get back from Kent and Burford. Mary is stranded in more then 20 inches of snow near Chesterfield. Anthony and Thomas have probably got to Ayrshire and the New Forest, but will they make it back? I have to say it's quite hard work keeping things going without them, mentally as well as physically - that is, seeing other people under pressure and wondering whether there's anything more I should or could be doing to help.

A bit more shovelling of wood chip, and praying hard that the chip lorry will get throuhg tomorrow. Apparently the company asked Thomas whether we wanted a delivery on Tuesday, but he said later in the week would be fine. He may not want to get back from holiday; he's going to get lynched!

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