Monday, 6 December 2010


We awoke to fog and went to bed with the fog still persisting. Around lunchtime workmen started popping up to work on the snags, because tomorrow is the One Month On site meeting by when all the snags were supposed to have been fixed. I have written previously of Mucknell as an earthly paradise, but today is a good chance to redress the balance and get a bunch of bad news out in one go in time-honoured political fashion. You have to expect snags with a new building, but here's a list of disappointments that are harder to deal with. They are both mine and others' (at the risk of misrepresenting them).
  • Having to wait until the cusp of winter before moving in, and then have heating issues to deal with when it's cold, snowy, icy and frosty, and mud outside instead of incipient grass.
  • There are squillions of security lights and other gadgets that seemingly have to be on all the time, consuming electricity.
  • There are concerns regarding the trade-off between insulation and allowing the old building to breathe - just how sustainable is the building?
  • We asked for excellent sound-proofing, but are still able to hear movements next door and above or below, and especially water running.
  • Then there are the other noises: the squeaky flooring in the corridors; the fire panel humming in the Oratory; the underfloor heating manifolds whining in concert; the water pumps in the basement shuddering; and the malfunctioning security lights beeping.
  • Stuff not finished very well, or not properly installed, or not done in the way that was requested.
  • I was hoping that I would be able to sit and look out of my window, but it is too high.
  • The new community building is reminiscent of a row of 1960s maisonettes.
  • It feels as though some of the design has had an institution in mind, rather than a home.
  • And I expect there are others.


  1. Prayers for you all as you meet tomorrow. So very sorry that you have had all of this to contend with. With love. Mark Abrey

  2. ... the community's move here has been a huge up-rooting and re-planting on all levels and it's totally understandable there will be differences between the expectations and reality. And accumulative coldness and tiredness will be taking its toll as well as bereavement for what's changed ... but hang on in there - the original vision is evolving and the longer view will emerge again from out of the fog. The snagging list WILL decrease and the settling list WILL increase. Take heart, be patient and draw strength from those of us who rejoice every day that the community has been led to establish a new work of God on a very beautiful hill-top in this part of Worcestershire.

    lang may yer lum reek - Lynn B.

  3. Hi Clare - welcome to my world!! Take heart - there is life beyond snagging - until the next time ... XX. Sarah.

  4. Thanks guys! Hopefully this will just be a one-off cathartic post.
    Sarah, hope the Long Barn rebuild goes smoothly, or at least, smoother than can be expected!

  5. the community block did remind me a little of the old Butlins chalets. It will all look much better when grass and plants are established.