Thursday, 2 December 2010

Warming activity

It's the weather for doing active jobs, rather than sitting and reading or surfing.

I swept the sloping part of the drive again, in a meditative kind of way, and saluted the Sainsbury man and the HDN man as they drove up to deliver stuff. We're not quite getting all of our food locally as yet, although Stoulton Farm Shop (founded more than 70 years ago) is an excellent source of fruit, veg and eggs, and there's a good butcher with meat from local farms. The Sainsbury man brought me my gin, so the sloes will come out of the freezer soon... and there are some still in the hedgerows if necessary. Anthony says the birds don't eat sloes except as a last resort, because the thorns can be lethal. They certainly make pretty enscriptions on my hands and forearms.

Then I started assembling a flat-pack desk (which the box says is made from FSC certified wood products), until I found one of the plastic bits (so not entirely FSC certified wood products) was broken, at which point I had to go on an extended quest for superglue. Maybe I'll finish that tomorrow too.

After supper, we all got into the wood chip store and shovelled chip into the path of the machinery. I was boiled at Compline; Henry Ford was right.

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