Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Water and ice

Lots of architects, builders, contractors and sub-contractors turned up for the site meeting today. And a few workmen too, for good measure, looking into the water pumps, manifolds, thermostats, etc. It's my turn to clean, and of course as soon as I swabbed some deck or other, a few muddy boots immediately tramped past. So I reluctantly (!) gave up.When they'd all gone, we found that we were without water... so some of them came straight back and found that the pumps had been re-set up wrongly. They figure they may as well move in. They'll be back tomorrow.

Temperatures were down to -8 °C at Pershore last night, and it was probably even colder here. There was an incredible hoarfrost more than a centimetre long on the trees. Most of the colours were whites and browns, with the occasional splash of green ivy, yellow lichen and red hips. As I was wandering around trying to take representative photos, a fieldfare hopped ahead of me on the tree-guards, just like the robin leading the children to the beavers in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

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  1. Fieldfare? Oh you lucky thing!

    Lovely photo. I pray for you all abd that all these glitches are ironed out for you soon. It has started to rain here in Derbyshire so hopefully it will reach you soon for your rainwater harvesting!