Thursday, 24 February 2011

Teacher teacher!

I've seen a few long-tailed tits down by the stream, hopping from twig to twig, with pale body and long dark tail, looking like a "ball of fluff on a stick". Today there were a couple of great tits, with their insistent teacher-teacher call. I could see one in the fungus-infected oak, clinging on to the underside of a twig high above me. It stopped calling, and I stood a bit to one side (I didn't fancy repeating Tobit's experience), and watched it investigating the branch and feeding on the largess provided within the biodiverse community of the oak.

It is very odd to hear the sounds of a school playground transforming into a skein of geese, then in actuality just a few gulls passing over. According to the folk observing the peregrines in Worcester, there are hundreds of gulls circling St Andrew's spire and the Cathedral, and well over one thousand visible from the spire tower.

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