Sunday, 20 February 2011

Progress of sorts

The forecast for yesterday was accurate, but unfortunately the rain turned into standing water, and the ground was far too wet to think of planting trees. Today was better, and we managed to get seven apple trees in. But it was hard going digging out the couch grass and stones, and in one hole, I hit the blue lias only six inches down. Then there was the comedy treading in, whereby the application of wellies to compact the 'soil' around the roots resulted in more mud on the wellies than around the roots.

Alison and Mary Teresa have finished the ongoing project that was the weeding of the green carpet. The spreading of the horse manure on the raised beds is half-way there, ditto the taking up of the yellow sand. Next week is community meeting week, so there will be little opportunity for much planting or spreading. But what little knocking in of stakes there will be will no doubt be cathartic!

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