Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Nature's time

In the community meetings this afternoon, we discussed the Land Use Strategy for Mucknell: the principles, the infrastructure we have and need, and the plans for development of the various features of the site. To quote from the current Vision:
"Our vision is to bring life to the 'agricultural desert' (this was the term used in the conservation/wildlife survey done for the planning application) and restore the balance of the natural landscape as a place of reconciliation and healing.

"These are long term goals which will be better met if we don't panic and try to do everything at once. Working with, rather than against, nature involves following natural cycles of growth and development."
I know the Sheldon community quite well. They fairly recently celebrated their 21st birthday in many ways, including the publication of their autobiography in "The Fat Pigeon Flies". I mention it* because the story is a salutary reminder of the time it takes to establish a new place, including kitchen garden, copses and other grounds. And their soil is just as claggy clay-ey as ours! So we must needs be patient.

* I also mention it because they are a Jolly Good Thing.

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