Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sounding the depths

I spent a happy fifty-minute hour clearing long grass away from the eastern fence. It is wonderful to have the sun back after days and days (seemingly) of gales and low grey cloud. And it really felt spring-like; mild, sunny and calm. The pond was a mirror; the skylarks were singing their hearts out; and the solitary elder tree by the fence was bursting its buds... which apparently you can pickle.

Google has a beautiful homage to Jules Verne for his birthday. The initial view is of the surface of the sea through old-time brass submarine portholes, with flying fish. Then you can manipulate a lever to dive to the depths, past narwhals, sea horses, divers, star fish, jelly fish, myriads of other fish and less readily identifiable creatures, weed and coral, and a huge ghostly kraken guarding a treasure chest.

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