Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Rain and clouds

A morning of rain, dripping from the eaves, which made me wonder what the climate will be like at Mucknell. The Met Office's website has averages over 1971-2000 for Stratford-Upon-Avon, which isn't far away. Here's a graph of temperatures and rainfall. (So my first uploaded image is a weather-related graph... there's a thing!)

No data for standard deviations or extremes, so no indication of how much variation can be expected. Comparing with the averages for Teignmouth, and assuming Stratford is representative of Mucknell and Teignmouth of Exeter... Mucknell will be colder in the winter and warmer in the summer, with more frosts, less sunshine and less rain. Pretty much as you'd expect for an inland site further north, but a shame about the sunshine.

Today is the feast of St Michael and All Angels, when the devil was thrown out of heaven and, tradition has it, landed in a blackberry bush. He cursed it for its prickles, and so blackberries should not be picked after 29 September. Alternatively, it's after the equinox and less likely to be sunny, so the berries will not be as sweet and in some years will already be over. This year they were late, so they may well be OK for a few days yet, if the sun ever shines again.

At the Eucharist, we had clouds of Philip and Ian's incense rising before the altar.

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  1. The average annual rainfall for Stratford is 622mm. There's a bit of a rainshadow on the map of annual rainfall -, options Midlands | Annual | Rainfall.