Monday, 20 September 2010


Today was the 40th anniversary of Abbot Stuart's ordination to the priesthood. Wendy had given me a bottle of champagne for my arrival, and the Veuve Clicquot was happy to pour herself out in his honour also. He started his ministry in Armley in Leeds, not far from the stomping ground of my mother's family in Morley.

This afternoon started with a meeting about security at Mucknell: locks, keypads, thumb turns, suited keys, etc etc.  The architect said the Canada geese have left the site.  I got the impression that this was good news - they can be pests.

We then discussed possible forms the visit of the Bishop of Worcester on All Saints Day (ABofC due to visit in late 2011).  It was also decided that the Oratory would be dedicated to Our Lady and St Benedict, and the bell named Wulfstan, after the former Bishop of Worcester and missionary saint.

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  1. Hello Clare,
    I was looking though your blogs for a reference and found this again so I thought I would set the record straight re mother's family stomping ground. Armley is probably as near the mark as Morley since many of our forebears were from the Leeds area. My great grandmother Helen Dixon was the only one from Morley, but she happens to be of interest because of a family story linking her in some way to H H Asquith which I set out to investigate in the spring. They were members of two large intermarried families in Morley which I still have not managed to untangle (partly because my free trial of Ancestry came to an end). The only sure thing is that their extended families were members of the same non-conformist Chapel where they were both christened. It is also very likely that they played together as children and that her parents might have looked after Herbert Henry for a short time when his father died (stories passed down in our family). Love, Mum