Sunday, 19 September 2010

First Sunday

First day of the new rhythm as an Alongsider, up for the Office of Readings at 6am, and rewarded by a pale pink dawn through the chapel windows.

Also my first Sunday. While at Broad Marston, the community has been going to the local parish churches on Sundays. Today was the farewell to the vicar, who is retiring to Cirencester. The church at Long Marston was absolutely packed, with barely even standing room. (Where were most of these people on a previous Sundays?) On the way into church, we remarked on the wind and the gazebos 'sheltering' food and drink for after the service. On the way out, we saw that one had blown over, but thankfully the food was safe.

Before supper, we drank the mulled wine my neighbours had kindly given me. The wine was from the vineyard at Kenton on the Exe Estuary - Devon's climate can produce even red wine, one of the 'benefits' of climate change..

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