Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Photos from yesterday's site visit are now on the computer, mostly showing work in progress and snagging. They can't disguise, though, that the new building will be something special. The kitchen garden is almost ready, and waiting for cultivation and fecundity.

In the afternoon, there was a 'community conversation'. These are on topics that are important to the community and need more time and thought and discussion. One of the Benedictine vows is to conversatio morum, which is usually translated as 'conversion of life'. But to me it looks more like 'conversation', and so these conversations, which may or may not lead to conversions in the way things are done, are one means of fulfilling the vows. We alongsiders are included, which is helpful to understand the thinking of the community, and our input is valued, which in my experience is unusual! It is also a good opportunity to observe everyone :-)

Wednesday nights are early nights.

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