Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Wise words

The potatoes are in: two brands of meat-and-two-veg potato, and pink fur apple potato for salads. After the fact, I found some advice on planting PFA on a forum: "Just make a hole, bung 'em in." Which is pretty much what I did, except that I made sure that the hole was about 5 inches deep, and the sprouts were heading roughly to the light. The bean and squash seedlings are playing grandmother's footsteps, springing up or growing an inch when your back is turned. But the tomatoes aren't being as successful as we hoped, and we are unlikely to have 1 billion seedlings by the end of April.

I have audited the mature hedge on the south side, finding a dogwood among the usual suspects of hawthorn, rose, blackthorn, bramble, hazel, field maple and elder, and two mystery trees which are still in bud. The hawthorn which came into leaf early is now also the first to blossom. So as the May is out, feel free to cast a clout... unless you subscribe to the theory that 'May' refers to the month.

And a new proverb that I'd like to coin: It only takes one crow to chase off a buzzard.

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