Friday, 4 March 2011

Watching sunrises

I gave this evening's sunset 3/10, for making a little effort with shining wisps of cloud, but the colours and sky coverage weren't up to the usual standard. It did, however, remind me of a couple of lovely sunrises in the last 10 days. One in particular was a glorious crimson, lighting clouds across the whole sky. As I watched during Lauds, the patch of sky framed by the Oratory windows faded to orange then yellow, or rather brightened to orange and yellow. Gazing at it later from the window at the eastern end of the community building top floor corridor, I wasn't sure what to expect. I've watched many sunsets: the fiery light, the disappearance of the sun behind the horizon, the fading to twilight, the secondary red glow, the dissolving to darkness. But I've barely ever watched a sunrise. And it's not like a sunset in reverse, ending as it does in light and day and activity and life, instead of dark and night and mystery and death. So I felt confused, in a good sort of a way. And to all you other night birds, I recommend watching sunrises.

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  1. Cistercians pray Vigils around 03:30am-04:00am and to see the sun rise is often an added bonus. As if the whole of the universe joins in with the praise! I love that time of the day.